Maybe we’re the afterglow… blog

Are you abnormally attracted to anything? Perhaps sin? What about red headed beauties? If the previous sentence at all strikes your interest perhaps you’ve heard of the upcoming project from Tori Amos. With times of exciting news can also come great quantities of information and the Afterglow Blog is the place to find it all! Of course, the blog doesn’t constrict itself only to details about the upcoming project but contains news and other goodies. In short, the Afterglow Blog is wealth of information from the Abnormally Attracted to Sin era all in one place for friends and fans alike to gather and get their fill of what has been and what will come.

So what are you waiting for? To the glow and back, catch it as it happens.

– The Afterglow Staff ; Saar°berry, Deborah77, Jupiter’s Widow, Peeping Tommi and dilutedspark

The Afterglow Blog is hosted by the amazing Sid!