About The Afterglow Community

afterglow_headerThe Afterglow is a beehive of Ears With Feet, which started in 2002. It originally was a place for music lovers in general, but it grew into a Tori Amos haven. (The admins influence had nothing to do with that…honest…) It is now a real home for a lot of Toriphiles and music crazies. Over the years, many have met in real life and strong friendships have been built. The ‘Glow is a busy community with monthly projects going on. Besides Tori and music, we have a lot of other boards, filled with interesting topics. We have the reputation of being a friendly and very relaxed forum, thanks to the many amazing people who run the place alongside myself. We continue to make it a heartfelt and interesting place. So… come and join us, the place gets better with more interesting people and they’re sure are plenty out there still.  – Saar