Unrepentant Geraldines tracklist and first single


Listen to the world premiere of “Trouble’s Lament” from Tori’s new album Unrepentant Geraldines exclusively at NOISEY! http://bit.ly/TroublesLament


Hi there everyone,

So excited to let you know that tomorrow you will be able to hear the first song from Unrepentant Geraldines. It’s called “Trouble’s Lament” and be sure to check back here tomorrow for details of how to hear it. I also couldn’t wait any longer to share the tracklisting from the record so here it is below 🙂

Sending hugs,


Unrepentant Geraldines Tracklisting:
1. America
2. Trouble’s Lament
3. Wild Way
4. Wedding Day
5. Weatherman
6. 16 Shades of Blue
7. Maids of Elfen-mere
8. Promise
9. Giant’s Rolling Pin
10. Selkie
11. Unrepentant Geraldines
12. Oysters
13. Rose Dover
14. Invisible Boy

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