John Philip Shenale comments on ‘Abnormally Attracted to Sin’

Sparked by an e-mail sent to him from Afterglow member potentialsinner, John Philip Shenale updated his MySpace page with an entry about his work on Tori Amos’ new record, Abnormally Attracted To Sin :

source : JPS’s MySpace

I wanted to xpand alittle on an email i received, asking about Tori’s new record “Abnormally Attracted To Sin” and my involvement .
I worked on 4 songs for the record.
All 4 of Tori’s creations , consumed me for the last 3 months of 08.
We used an octet for the string section on 2 songs ( 4 violins, 2 violas 2 celli.
Various synths, samplers, processes, Hammonds (A100 and solovox) and Wurly were used at times, played by Tori and me.
Tori played Bosy on 3.
Matt and Jon played on all 4.
One song i arranged the rythym section, keys and strings around Tori .
Then Matt and Jon added there magic later.
This process finished in Cornwall in December.
The ending of a wonderful record and an emotional year for me.
Well thats it for now.
I will put up more text and pics after the release.

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