Rock ‘n’ Reel interview

In the January/February edition of Rock ‘n’ Reel Magazine, there is a three-page interview with Tori Amos in which she briefly mentions the new album and its concept.

rocknreel_01Collaborations aside, though, and this year Tori has been more involved in creative partnership than usual, what’s the current status on her solo work? “I have a complex project that I’m working on with moving pictures and songs, married together. When it comes out, and who distributes it… I have to make the decision that will best support the project. I’m the investor. Since I left Sony I decided I wouldn’t do any less that a join-venture deal. I have to hold some of the cards. I think you can be creative, and yet not a victim of the system; but you have to do business with the big guys in some way or another.”

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